Paul Slay,  Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional

Paul Slay, Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional

DJ Anderson,  Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional

DJ Anderson, Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional

Our Professionals

Paul Slay

Since starting to play pickelball 6 years ago, Paul is now a 4.5/5.0 tournament-rated player. Competing locally, regionally and nationally, he has participated in over 100 tournaments, earning numerous gold medals, including 2018 Nationals at Indian Wells, CA and 2019 US Open Pickleball in Naples, Fl.

Paul is a Certified IPTPA level 2 teaching professional and Certified PPR pro level. (Under the PTR umbrella) He has taught hundreds of pickleball clinics as well as private and small group lessons and loves helping people improve their skills.

In addition to teaching pickleball for the last 3 years, he also is a life skills and spiritual development coach.

Paul is a Paddletek sponsored player and area sales rep for Paddletek.

DJ Anderson

Growing up in Washington State, where pickleball originated back in 1965, DJ was introduced to pickleball at an early age. Pickleball was part of his school Phys. Ed. program and he quickly fell in love with the sport. He has been an avid sports participant his entire life playing soccer, basketball, track, table tennis, and more.

DJ is currently a 4.5 tournament rated player having participated in numerous local and regional tournaments. He is a certified PPR pro level (under the PTR umbrella) instructor. He is very passionate about introducing people to the game of pickleball. Being a student of the game, DJ loves teaching strategy and helping develop players' understanding of the game. He has developed curriculum and clinic specific drills and games designed to improve everyone’s game, regardless of their current playing level.

He is also the founder of Moxi Pickleball
( Moxi Pickleball provides pickleball specific apparel and custom pickleball paddles that are all designed by DJ.